Clayton’s Catastrophic Column: Homecoming is fun

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First of all, I would like to thank the whole student body for making last week the most successful Homecoming week I have ever experienced, and the best one that many of the teachers and staff have seen in their years of being here. So many students participated in the spirit days, and the overall spirit of the whole week was hyped beyond belief. Today I’m gonna take you on a day-by-day recap of #mvhshc14 through my eyes.

Monday, Oct. 6:

This is the first day of Homecoming, and therefore usually the day with the least amount of spirit day participation, because people usually just forget, honestly. However, I was quite impressed with the participation from everyone, especially considering many people didn’t even know what “Which Witch?” meant. I was also very excited because I was able to sport my Beyonce crewneck  for the first time this year, combining both the Good Witch and the Bad Witch. Monday was also the day that your Homecoming Queen senior Savannah Rudicel suffered an accident in the Office, which is why you may have noticed her walking around the halls with a cast on her hand. However, she’s fought through it and is already back in the game for classes and rehearsals for her upcoming role in the musical.

Tuesday, Oct. 7:

The theme for Tuesday was “Twister Tuesday,” which meant that I literally woke up and threw everything in my closet on my body and walked out the door. This was also the day that many of you received your Homecoming t-shirt, which is usually a very difficult process to coordinate. I spent the entirety of my seminar handing out shirts to many of you, and I’m very sorry if I hit you in the face with one of them. It was all in the name of school spirit.

Wednesday, Oct. 8:

The first big event of Homecoming week occurs on Wednesday every year, the parade and pep rally/bonfire. For the past three years I have not really looked forward to the parade, as parade marching is not the most enjoyable experience. However, this year, due to my Homecoming King candidacy, I was able to skip the marching and ride along in a nice vintage Mercedes the entire time. With the exception of the occasional jerk of acceleration that would almost throw me off the back of the car, it was quite an enjoyable experience. By the end of the parade, however, my entire face hurt from smiling so much and I’m almost certain that my normally tame smile had devolved into something resembling more of the Joker. Directly following the parade was the pep rally and bonfire, which I was lucky enough to emcee along with senior Katie Carson. The past three years I have actually never attended the bonfire, so this year I made sure to make an appearance. The fire was very big.

Thursday, Oct. 9:

The day that I was dreading the most, Thursday. This is the day that MVTV would air the video of me being woken up at 4:30 a.m. to the entire student body. Watching it was just about 1000 times worse than actually experiencing it, because I did not realize how stupid I sounded and looked until I saw it plastered on band director Deb Steiner’s massive projector screen. Nevertheless, I hope you all enjoyed my attempts at blowing into my conch shell, and my disappointment in not receiving a paper crown.

Friday, Oct. 10:

This is the big day, for many reasons. Not only did I have to wake up at 4:30 a.m. to be at the school to execute the annual “Blue Bomb,” but the Homecoming King and Queen were to be announced at the football game that night. I arrived at the school a little after 5 a.m. to see about 40 members of the senior class waiting outside the activity center with bags upon bags of various blue items. I commend the Class of 2015 for honestly pulling off the most successful “Blue Bomb” that Mill Valley has ever seen. This was also the first time I was able to emcee a pep assembly (not counting Freshman Orientation), and I’m really looking forward to the rest during this year. After school it was only a matter of time before I would be on the football field in front of students, parents, members of the community and anybody else who decided to show up to the football game that night. As many of you already know, I was crowned your 2014 Homecoming King, for which I am very grateful. It was honestly one of the coolest experiences of my entire life, and I’d like to thank you all for letting me experience it, so thank you. I was also very happy to be standing next to 2014 Homecoming Queen Savannah Rudicel, as she does a lot to make sure that Mill Valley is the best place that it can be. Overall, definitely a Friday to go down in the books.

Saturday, Oct. 11:

The Homecoming Dance is the final capstone event of Homecoming Week, finally concluding a busy week of insane school spirit. Preparation begins early in the morning when your StuCo members gather to decorate the commons for the impending tsunami of students 12 hours later. After decorations were completed, I went home to prepare for my royal dinner at IKEA. Don’t let the furniture fool you, IKEA has seriously some of the best food I’ve ever had at a restaurant, and it’s cheap. If you happen to find yourself there soon, I would suggest the chicken fingers and fries, as they are spectacular. Also, do not drink the milk out of the machine at the drink station, it is meant to be used as a coffee additive and tastes like vomit. If you would like to see what our trip to IKEA was like in more depth, check out my Twitter  for picture updates.

After we had observed all the beautiful Swedish furniture, we made our way to the dance. I have actually not attended a Homecoming dance since Freshman year due to scheduling conflicts in the past, so I was glad that I could attend my last one. In short, I drank a lot of punch, and I danced a decent amount. The DJs were exceptional, specifically due to the fact that they played my favorite song of all time. After the dance, we tore down the decorations that took us three hours to put up in twenty minutes, and popped what seemed like a million balloons. I then attended a rousing showing of “Romeo + Juliet” of which I slept through almost the entirety of.

Overall, I would say that #mvhshc14 was a rousing success, and it was all because of the participation of the student body. It would’ve been nothing without the exceptional school spirit that was running through the hallways all week, and I think I can speak for the Class of 2015 when I say that we couldn’t have ended our high school Homecoming experience on a higher note. That is all.

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