Best Regards Bakery good but not phenomenal

Sarah Fulton, managing editor

Overwhelmed by larger million dollar restaurants, Best Regards Bakery,6759 W 119th Street, is located in a quite unassuming strip mall. Large floor-to-ceiling windows, decorated with decals declaring things like cookies, make up the entire outer wall of the restaurant.

Walking inside, I at first did not know where to look. There were cookies in the corner, a display of cupcakes and a basket of bread behind the counter. After walking back and forth between the displays trying to decide if I wanted a cookie or a cupcake, I decided the only solution was to get one of each.

The cupcake I decided on was called Limoncello with Citrus Frosting. At the time I had no idea what Limoncello meant so I thought I was being adventurous. I later learned that Limoncello is just a fancy way to say that it is a lime cupcake. I sorely disappointed that I was spent $4 on a lime cupcake, which I have had before. Regardless, it was a good cupcake. The citrus frosting had a spritely light flavor that exploded in your mouth. The cake was dense but in a good way. It allowed you to get a full and fulfilling bite every time. All together the cupcake tasted like a key lime pie and a good key lime pie at that.

The cookie I decided on was a Spiced Apple Pie Cookie. Being a big fan of snickerdoodles and cinnamon in general, I was excited. The cookie was large and soft, the obvious result of a large amount of butter. To my disappointment the largest taste in the cookie was nutmeg, which I enjoy but not nearly us much as cinnamon. The cookie also did not taste like pie; it was more spice than pie. It was a decent cookie, but it left me wanting just a simple snickerdoodle.

Overall, Best Regards Bakery was a bakery. It was special in its own little way, but it is not going to be a hole in the wall phenomena.

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