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Ben Wieland

Senior Ben Wieland shares his interests, insight on this year's Homecoming and plans for the future

Mill Valley News: Tell us a little bit about yourself?

Ben Wieland: I spend most of my time working as the Mill Valley News website editor. I also help out and volunteer with Young Democrats and Youth for Refugees and am on student council. Outside of school, I enjoy running, reading, playing basketball, and watching movies. 

MVN: What are you looking forward to most about homecoming and this school year?

BW: This year, I’m looking forward to seeing the new changes that are made both to homecoming and the school year — it’s been hard for everyone, but I know the staff, SLT, StuCo, and a lot of other people have worked really hard to restore some normalcy and enjoyability to our senior year.

MVN: How many homecomings have you attended?

BW: I’ve been to two homecomings at Mill Valley and probably eight or nine homecoming football games.

MVN: Despite all the changes to homecoming due to COVID-19 are you excited that the school is still trying to keep the tradition?

BW: I’m really excited about everything the school and StuCo have worked to put together for homecoming this year. I think they’ve done an incredible job finding ways to keep some of the usual hoco traditions like Powderpuff in COVID-safe ways and accepting the fact that some events like the parade just can’t be done in a COVID-safe way. I believe the homecoming traditions we have are meaningful and I’m appreciative of all the work the school’s put in to maintain them. 

MVN: Where do you plan to attend college?

BW: I haven’t decided on a school yet, but my goal is to get into a California school like UCLA, Stanford, or Pomona.

MVN: What do you plan to major in?

BW: I plan to major in psychology with a minor in political science.

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