Baseball team sweeps first double header, pitcher throws no-hitter

Kaitlin Rounds, web editor

The varsity baseball team won its first two games of the season against Basehor-Linwood on Monday, March 26. Greg Mason threw a no-hitter the first game with a final score of 13-0 and the second game ended 6-2.

“You always want to get the year off to a great start,” head coach Jeff Strickland said. “It was the positive start we needed.”

Mason’s no-hitter was an accomplishment that is not often seen at any level of baseball.

“No-hitters are pretty rare,” Mason said. “There are a lot of one-hit, two-hit games, but it’s the first time it’s ever happened to me or anyone I know.”

Having a no-hitter is not only a success for Mason, but also his team as a whole.

“Greg works really hard all year round and deserves something like this to happen,” Strickland said.

According to Mason, there’s a certain stigma that comes with no-hitters in the baseball world.

“The whole superstition of baseball is nobody talks about it if there’s a no-hitter,” Mason said. “There was a couple times when I thought about it in my head and grabbed a bat and knocked on wood.”

The team will play next on Friday, March 30 against Bishop Ward, and hopes to continue its initial success.

“We want to win a conference championship, we actually expect to do that, we expect to win the regional championship, and place at the state tournament,” Strickland said. “These wins are a good building block.”

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