Band teacher Deb Steiner wins award

Arvest bank presented a $500 check to Steiner as a part of their We Love Teachers Campaign


By submitted photo

Standing together, band teacher Deb Steiner and representatives from Arvest Bank hold the $500 check that was presented to Steiner

Molly Morgan, JAG photo and social media editor

Arvest Bank came out and surprised band teacher Deb Steiner with a $500 check Thursday, Oct.6. The donation came amidst Arvest Bank’s We Love Teachers campaign. The We Love Teachers campaign has been going on for five years and Arvest Bank has rewarded more than $245,000 to more than 480 teachers spanning across various state funded public schools in Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma. 

Steiner gives more information on the campaign and how she was nominated. 

“They have a program where they select teachers and they give them $500 to use for school supplies,” Steiner said. “I believe someone from the administrative staff nominated me for the award.”

The check was presented to Steiner Thursday, Oct. 6 after marching band. Students cheered on Steiner as she was rewarded with the check along with other stuff provided by Arvest Bank. Steiner shares how she felt when she received the award.

“It was really cool. We had just came in from marching band and I was all hot and sweaty and we had just come back from band competition the day before and the kids did really well,” Steiner said. “It was just really cool how that all happened right at that same time.”

After receiving the check, Steiner plans on using the money to buy new supplies for the band.

“It’s going to be a good use of money for us. I plan on buying some new music for us,” Steiner said. “Jazz music and concert band music so we can have some new music in our library.” 

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