Band performs spring concert

Band members enjoy performing songs with historic background


By Laura Earlenbaugh

The band performs at its spring concert on Monday, March 10.

The band held its spring concert on Monday, March 10. The concert featured both the Silver and Blue Band playing a combination of its contest and concert pieces.

Sophomore Margaret Hempleman said she enjoyed playing in the concert.

“My favorite part was playing one of our pieces, ‘Loch Lomond’,” Hempleman said. “It is such a beautiful piece and we all worked really hard to make it sound nice.”

The song had a unique story to tell as well, according to senior Meghan Fuller.

“‘Loch Lomond’ was about a battle that took place in Scotland. If a soldier dies on the battlefield, they have to take the low road, but if they won, they could take the high road. The song takes place when two soldiers tell the battle story in prison,” Fuller said. “It also had the melody of ‘Oh Danny Boy’ in it. It’s just really an awesome song.”

According to Hempleman, the band sturggled while performing.

“It’s hard for us to balance with the low brass instruments since there aren’t as many of them as there are in the rest of the band,” Hempleman said. “We also could have had better dynamics.

The band had performed the concert for another audience before, so playing a second time made for an easygoing performance, according to Fuller.

“Re-performing the concert for people we already know was nice,” Fuller said. “It was really laid back since we knew what we were doing so I really enjoyed this concert.”

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