Awareness months matter

Awareness months matter

Alec Santaularia, web editor

Over the years, the national government has instituted a variety of awareness months in order to make citizens more cognizant of the situations that plague our society and its inhabitants. In 2011, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the federal department that funds the campaigns for these awareness months, spent 10 percent of its $892 billion budget on discretionary programs. A good portion of these “discretionary programs” involved spreading awareness for a cause or an awareness campaign of some sort.

Despite all of the effort that the federal government puts into bringing awareness to these programs, it still seems as if the majority of American’s don’t acknowledge that they exist. What is the point of spending billions of dollars from the federal budget on these issues if it’s going to waste?

That is why we, as students of Mill Valley and citizens of the United States, should become more involved in these awareness months and help to promote their causes to the rest of society. As the future leaders of America, it is our generation’s job to make our country the best it can be for all people, no matter their situation in life.

It’s not difficult to get involved, either. October alone has eight awareness months that are sponsored by the HHS, including Stop Bullying Month and Domestic Violence Awareness Month. People simply need to get the motivation to participate in these activities, rather than disregarding them with a wave of their hand.

Getting involved isn’t particularly difficult, either. It simply takes a little motivation on our part. Opportunities are all around us if you simply look.

If every student got involved in some way, our nation would be such a better place to live in. It just takes a little movitation.

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