Avoid being “that student”

One reporters tips for succeeding and surviving in high school.



Whether you’re a freshman or a senior, all students have done something that has aggravated other students.  In order to be on the road to success in high school both socially and academically, you should be aware of Annie’s declassified school survival tips.

Don’t be one of those students who doesn’t understand the concept of walking. You put one foot in front of the other and repeat until you reach your destination. The middle of the hallway is not a destination, especially to meet your lover for a makeout and limb-rubbing session. That’s a classic way to make other people late.

As a freshman, I didn’t treat people who I wasn’t friends with very well, but that is not how high school works. Respect and value what others have to say. You are with these people for the next four years; you never know whose help you’ll need in the future. Don’t be “that student” who’s close-minded and disrespectful to your peers.

Try to avoid being known for what you do on the weekends. Stay classy or stay home. Don’t be the student who is so wrapped up in their social status that they forget good morality. This is high school, not mating season.

Don’t be an underclassman with the mindset that you don’t need to try because you have three more years after your freshman year. I didn’t give half the effort I should have my freshman and sophomore year.

Now, I’m  working my butt off as a junior to get As and Bs. Build good studying habits now so you can always get good grades.

All in all, treat others with respect, behave modestly and make sure you set your priorities straight.


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