At the annual Job Olympics, students in the Special Education program compete and win awards

Hosted at JCCC, the Job Olympics are back in person after being hosted online in 2021


By Grace Brookshire

Junior Gabe Fuller sorts envelope alphabetically for Job Olympics hosted by JCCC

Emma Clement and Grace Brookshire

On Thursday Mar. 31, Johnson County Community College, JCCC, hosted the annual Job Olympics. The Job Olympics give students in the Special Education, SPED, program an opportunity to compete in various events and win awards.

For SPED teacher Kaila Masters, the best part of attending was watching her students have fun while doing something educational. 

“[It was fun] getting to watch the students participate in the events that will help with life skills,” Masters said.

Senior Hannah Hunter attended the event as a chaperone, so she did not compete in any events, but she still enjoyed the experience.

“[The best part was] getting to go to Johnson County Community College,” Hunter said.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Job Olympics were hosted online last year, which took away many of the typical experiences students get to have.

“It was held at Mill Valley and the competition was within the school,” Masters said. “So it was kids that went to the school that competed against each other.”

Overall the Job Olympics were a success for Mill Valley’s SPED program.

“We had one student who placed third,” Masters said.

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