Associate principal Matt Fedde heads to Nebraska at end of year

Associate principal Matt Fedde heads to Nebraska at end of year

By Kelsey Floyd

Speaking with a student on Friday, April 20, assistant principal Matt Fedde spends one of his last weeks at the school. Fedde will move to Nebraska next year.

Josh Duden, news editor

After the end of the school year, associate principal Matt Fedde will be leaving the school and Kansas all together as he heads to Omaha, Neb. for a new opportunity within his home state.

Fedde said many things pushed him to return home, the biggest factor being family and an easier transition as his children start new schools next year.

“[My wife and I] are both from Nebraska and there is a combination of things that lined up for us to be able to go back,” Fedde said. “My oldest son starts middle school next year and my youngest son starts kindergarten. Living in Omaha will put us an hour or less from both sets of grandparents, so the kids are excited to go back.”

Being rather family oriented, in the end, that factor was the driving force for returning to his home state.

“I don’t want anyone to take leaving the wrong way, but when you are two and a half to three hours away from the family it makes visits a little less frequent,” Fedde said. “The family is what pulls everything together.”

Through his history within the district for a decade, Fedde said he attributes his success in finding a job in Omaha from his experiences here.

“This is my 10th year in the district and nine have been at Mill Valley,” Fedde said. “There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that I wouldn’t have even got an interview had it not been for the school. The things I have been exposed to thanks to Mr. Waldeck and even back to Dr. Novak were things that were everything for me to get the position.”

Leaving at the end of the school year, Fedde said he will miss the students and fellow staff members most.

“It will sound strange I guess, and the cliché is to say I will miss the students most, but I will really miss a great deal of them,” Fedde said. “The school is where my babysitting pool comes from and, when you work with people long enough they are like family. Leaving them will be tough.”

As he prepares to move, associate principal Marilyn Chrisler said she is sad to have Fedde go, but it is excellent chance for him to return back to his home state.

“It is a great opportunity for Mr. Fedde and his family in the end,” Chrisler said. “He is from Nebraska and it will give his kids the ability to be around friends and family of theirs. We are very excited for him and his new ventures ahead of him.”

In the end, Fedde is appreciative of the time he has spent at the school.

“I appreciate everything everyone has done for me here,” Fedde said. “You meet students who, whether or not they know you like them, are neat kids. I just want to say thank you.”


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