Annual fall blood drive receives 98 student donors

Event sponsored by Community Blood Drive Center saves two lives per pint

Kate Ocker, JAG people editor

About 100 students donated one of pint blood in the 15th annual fall blood drive on Thursday, Oct. 23 sponsored by the Community Blood Drive Center.

Before giving blood, it is recommended that students get a good night’s sleep, eat breakfast and drink plenty of water. Along with these, there are many requirements needed for a donor to qualify including an iron test that senior Laci Moore failed last spring. To avoid being turned away again, she prepared by taking an iron supplement.

“Last time I [donated blood], I was low on iron so I’ve been taking iron supplements just for this specific occasion which I’ll probably still keep doing,” Moore said. “I enjoy just being able to know that I can help other people out. I’m not really doing anything with the blood except living so if I can share it; why not?”

Junior Olivia Barber tries to give blood every two months, but this was her first experience using the plasma machine. This method allows her to give twice as much blood by putting a clear liquid (plasma) back in her body.

“It was kind of weird, it took a little longer to give blood today and I feel a little funny right now, but I think it was just because it was the first time I did plasma,” Barber said. “It’s more high tech, they offered it to me because I have type O blood which they can give to anyone with any blood type.”

After donating her own blood, Moore assisted a nurse in helping junior Tabitha Farr who felt dizzy. Moore said she felt it was a comfortable and professional environment for students.

“She was just feeling really dizzy, so out of regulation they make them lay on the floor, put their feet up and put [a fan] on her, Moore said. “They were just doing all they could to make her feel comfortable.”

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