Almost Human suffers due to unworthy script

New show has attractive cinematography and talented cast, but a below-par script

In Almost Human, Karl Urban plays a grumpy cop named John Kennex in a futuristic world where lifelike androids are good partners, especially if one is capable of emotion. This android is Dorian, played by Michael Ealy. Both faces aren’t terrible to look at, but their banter feels awkward because of a clunky script.

The show’s technology and cinematography is interesting. This is a future world, after all. In order for this show to be convincing, it needs to have eye-popping special effects, and Almost Human succeeds in that sense. The use of Dorian’s ability as an android helps distinguish the detective aspect of the show from other cop shows. However, in such a fresh show, Urban’s irritable cop slows down the pace of the show. He doesn’t really have a reason to hate this good-looking android. And Dorian is actually pretty nice and has a sense of humor. Then again, maybe Kennex’s hostility towards androids will play out over the season.

Almost Human needs to be careful though. The special effect aspect of the show is strong, but the dialogue is weak. The chemistry between Urban and Ealy feels restricted by redundant sentences. The show’s multiple attempts at humor feels uncomfortable and almost unnecessary. Due to the talent of both of these actors, Almost Human needs to stop forcing the laughs.

This show has a chance, something not all mid-season shows has. The plot is fascinating, and the cast is capable, but the actors aren’t given much to work with. Good special effects can’t cover up the dull script forever.

Almost Human airs on Monday on FOX.


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