Academic letters awarded to students in ceremony

The awards ceremony took place during halftime of boys varsity basketball game Friday, Dec. 6


By Andrew Tow

Students lined the gym to be recognised for making it on the Honor Roll. Students whose GPAs exceeded 3.7 had the opportunity to be recognized at the basketball game Friday, Dec. 6.

Sophie Lecuru, JagWire assistant editor

By Andrew Tow
Among other honors students, senior Joey Gillette goes to the commons to get his academic letter.

The academic letter ceremony took place Friday, Dec. 6 during halftime at the varsity boys basketball game. Students were recognized for their hard work and rewarded with cookies and lemonade.

Junior Landry Haydock was pleased to receive recognition for her academic achievements.

“It was nice to have some honor and recognition for all the hard work every letter winner puts into academics,” Haydock said.

Junior Isabella Loya agrees and thinks the ceremony was rewarding.

“It helped me want to keep grinding and strive to do better in school,” Loya said.

Haydock didn’t like having the ceremony during halftime of the basketball game. 

By Andrew Tow
After being recognized, students and parents had the opportunity to get cookies and lemonade in the commons.

“I think it makes it less important and I think If we did it at an assembly or something like that they would have a lot more participation,” Haydock said.

Loya disagrees and liked the timing of the ceremony. 

“I liked having it during the game because I feel like it was convenient to just go up and get your letter or pin,” Loya said. “Everyone goes to the games so it is easier.”

Both students put in hard work to achieve their academic letters. 

Haydock plans to achieve another in the future by “working hard and staying focused.”

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