A young javelin team prepares for new season

Alana Flinn, Reporter

Both boys and girls javelin teams consist of moderately young students according to javelin coach Cory Wurtz.

The boys team consists of only freshmen and sophomores, while the girls team has two seniors. The boys have no returning throwers. However, the girls team has two returning varsity throwers, juniors Joylyn Kennedy and Mallory Baska.

Members of the boys javelin team from last year who have now graduated include two-time state champion Macauley Garton, two-time state medalist Adam Farnow and two-time regional medalist Jeremy Spalding.

Baska is looking forward to a new season and she hopes to have many personal records.

“[The season] will go great because there will be a lot of personal records this year,” Baska said. “We have a lot of good athletes this year.”

Wurtz views the season as a chance to give his throwers experience.

“I think we’ll have a lot of personal records throughout the year,” Wurtz said. “Our names won’t pop up in the paper as the top three of every meet…but you will see us surprise people.”

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