A review on farmer’s markets in the Kansas City area

JagWire reviews City Market, Shawnee Market and Overland Park Market


By Nora Lucas

The Overland Park farmer’s market bustles with activity on Sunday, Sept. 4.

Abby Layton and Michael Sandri

City Market

The City Market is a loud and boisterous place, with vendors of all different ages, backgrounds and cultures. It’s bordered by permanent shops and restaurants. Their products are very miscellaneous and range from flowers to clothes to little brunch stops. There is a spice stand, a flea market and of course, the produce section. The produce section is so large that customers would think they are stepping into an organic grocery store. There is an entire row dedicated to spices of every kind, and in the middle of it all is a stand that makes tea and smoothies. This stand sells a wide variety of tea leaf and smoothie flavors. All of the drinks are handmade right in front of the customers and the ingredients are fresh. This makes for some really tasty drinks and smoothies. nl-flower2

Almost everything is overpriced, like the smoothies and guacamole, but it is also fresh and natural, so that made up for the abnormally high prices. Fortunately, there are a lot of places to grab a bite to eat, since a trip to the City Market could easily last all day. Many local musicians play for customers and some people stop to listen to their work. The combination of the music, the people and the sensory overload creates an atmosphere perfect for spending a day in the sun.

The overall setup is very organized, and the whole place is kept neat and tidy. The best part of the City Market is the diversity of the vendors. This is something the other two markets do not have and its location creates a variety of people who shop there.

Shawnee Market

For someone who is looking for a less crowded place to get their produce, the Shawnee Market is for you. The Shawnee Market has a smaller amount of stands and organic food, but is the best when it comes to finding unique items and extremely friendly people. There are numerous vendors who sell everything from crocheted purses to habanero-flavored jelly. However, when shopping at a farmers market, one is most likely looking to buy fruits and vegetables, and very few can be found. It’s unfortunate to go to a place that is known for fresh produce and to not have it be easily accessible. The Shawnee Market is a fun place to go because of the atmosphere, but it isn’t the greatest farmers market due to the lack of produce options.

Overland Park Market

The Overland Park Market is the perfect balance between the City Market and Shawnee Market. There is a good amount of people, but nowhere near as many as the City Market. This market has many interesting attractions. There are numerous jewelers, bakers, and clothing producers, but the main attraction comes from the farmers who grow the biggest fruit around. Although the fruit was big, the inventory was not nearly as large as it was at the City Market. So, if you can get there early enough, the Overland Park Market would be a great choice for a place to buy fruit.

Photos by Nora Lucas

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