A new airport will benefit all Kansas City residents

The new KCI will replace an old and outdated airport to bring many new benefits


Abby Layton, JagWire A&E editor

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always loved to travel. I love the excitement of the entire process, from start to finish. As I’ve grown older, however, my experience has been hampered by numerous problems with the Kansas City International airport. From the limited number of restrooms to the lack of seating in the waiting area beyond the security checkpoint, the list is endless. This is why I, along with many other Kansas Citians, support the vote that ruled 75 percent in a new airport’s favor.

The majority of the 25 percent of voters who voted against a new airport believe renovating the airport would work. However, renovating KCI won’t fix the fact that the three-terminal layout is old, outdated and inefficient. The fact that travelers have a short walk from the baggage claim to the doors can’t hide the wait many passengers face when trying to check in. In addition, according to the Kansas City Star, while renovating KCI would cost half as much as building a new airport, the renovation would only last ten years, whereas the new airport will last much longer.

The new airport will benefit not only those who travel frequently, but also the Kansas City community as a whole. According to the radio station WPUR, the new KCI will provide more opportunities for international flight due to the new layout, and more restaurants and shops in the airport will allow for more jobs. It will bring in more tax revenue for the Kansas City, Mo. area, and will save major airline flights from being terminated.

As our beautiful city grows, we need to allow our airport to grow with it. For students and members of our small community this means educating ourselves on city councils decisions and remaining vigilant about any decisions they make. Kansas City voted for a new airport. Now it’s time to make it a reality.


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