Seven questions with senior Holly Brecunier

Seven questions with senior Holly Brecunier

Alec Santaularia, web editor

If you could go on an expedition to hunt any animal, which animal would it be?

I would never go on an expediton to hunt something. I don’t do that stuff. I’m too lazy.

If you could have any profession in the world, what would it be?

I want to be a famous musician because I think it would be fun to tour and to be known by everyone. But not like Lindsay Lohan famous. She’s only known for bad things, if you know what I mean.

What is your favorite school activity?


What is your favorite type of food? (Italian, Mexican, etc.)

Chinese. Crab rangoon and sesame chicken in particular.

You’re in band. Do you plan to go to school for music?

Yes. I’m going to K-State and I’m majoring in Music Education.

Why do you participate in band as an after school activity?

Because I love music I’ve just loved it ever since I first joined it in 5th grade. Plus Ms. Steiner is awesome.

Do you like the changes to the school dances as compared to your past years at Mill Valley?

Well this is my first year as a full time student at the school, but I don’t really care. I think the only formal dances should be Prom and Homecoming.

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