Yo’s Donut’s provides above average taste

Sarah Fulton, managing editor

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One of the only lights turned on in the strip mall, Yo’s Donuts, 7170 Renner Road, is possibly the holy grail of breakfast sugar.

A one room restaurant, the size of a child’s bedroom, Yo’s has single display case filled with potential sugarcomas. However, the different types of sugar comas are limited. The traditional glazed, long john, apple fritter and cake donut are represent, but with few other varieties available.

I order a half-dozen assorted donuts. The glazed donut was thicker than a Krispy Kreme and drenched in a sugary glaze, yet some how it was less satisfying. It had no memorable flavor or texture.

The long john was just above average. Besides a chocolate strip at the top, it was undecorated and unadorned. The part that was not covered had an unusually dark color and slightly gritty texture, but over all it was satisfying.

The cake donut only came in frosted and unfrosted chocolate. Like the long john it had a slightly gritty texture and was less dense than the average cake donut. Despite this, after biting into the donut, a deep yet sugary flavor spread to every single taste bud. The taste lingered for a tiny bit after I was done with the bite, but it a good way.

The apple fitter was by far the star. It tasted like rolling around in a huge field of pure cane sugar. The glaze was at least a centimeter thick. The inside was light fluffy and absolutely delicious. The donut peeled easily into chunks and left me wanting more.

The raspberry filled glazed donut was similarly amazing. It had the perfect ratio of donut to filling. The filling itself was medium-thick and not too strongly flavored.

Overall Yo’s Donuts is a great option for a quick breakfast, just be prepared for a sugar high.

Overall score: four out of five stars

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