Video Productions puts on annual Halloween Film Fest

Students viewed and voted on their favorite films during seminar Tuesday, Oct. 29

Claire Franke and Anastasia O'Brien

Video Productions held its annual Halloween Film Festival Tuesday, Oct. 29. The Video Productions students created five short films that were viewed and voted on by students during seminar. 

Students could buy tickets for a dollar before the event from the Video Productions students, or pay two dollars at the door. The Catty Shack, was also set up outside the theater doors so students could buy snacks before the Film Fest began. After viewing the short films, students voted for their favorite horror short. The film “Klïm” won.

Students like senior Logan Oesterriech make a point of going to the film festivals they have throughout the year. 

“It’s entertaining, and it’s interesting to see what the people in our school create,” Oesterriech said.

Sophomore Video Productions student Wendy Nguyen says she likes the Halloween Film Fest because “it’s always nice to see other peoples’ creation and their horror films because of the variety in each of the films.” 

Sophomore Soledad Stevanov, who helped produce a film, thinks that the process is worthwhile. 

“Even though it’s my first year, I already like how this class has let me be creative and show it through what I am able to make,” said Stevanov. 

The next film fest will be comedy-themed and held in the spring.

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