Mill Valley News

Students share hurtful words

Josh Duden and Mackenzie Hampton, reporter and managing editor

November 22, 2010

Anonymous junior made fun of for sexual orientation Bullying has directly affected a junior who asked to be anonymous in his school environment. Since he came out, school has become more difficult in every way. People have call...

Fred Phelps does not have the right to protest funerals

Josh Duden, reporter

November 17, 2010

It should be up to question whether Fred Phelps can protest soldiers’ funerals with picket signs that say things such as "God hates fags" or "Thank God for 9/11." But can one’s freedom of speech be limited? It should be...

Trunk or treat involves student clubs

Josh Duden, reporter

October 25, 2010

Diversity and UNICEF clubs are participating in the annual Trunk or Treat on Saturday, Oct. 30. UNICEF sponsor Chris Dunback says it is a great opportunity to provide Halloween alternatives for children. “It’s a neat way...

Debate team success

Joel Hodgdon, reporter/ads

October 25, 2010

In a recent tournament at Olathe North on Saturday, Oct. 9, the debate team finished in second place out of 22 teams, placing over such schools as Blue Valley West and St. Thomas Aquinas. Senior Ross Platt is confident about...

Homecoming memories not what students expected

Kaitlyn Butko, editor-in-chief, Joshua Duden, reporter

October 8, 2010

For the 670 who purchased tickets to the Homecoming dance on Saturday, Sept. 25, the evening was supposed to have been memorable. It was memorable, but for all the wrong reasons, causing over 600 students to leave the dance early. Student...

Foreign exchange students far from home

Jill Applegate and Josh Duden

September 23, 2010

Along with a new cafeteria, new classrooms and new teachers, the school can add another new thing to its list: exchange students. Having been over capacity the last year, the school has been unable to host students from other...