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By Sydney Wood

Student tech Aidan Thomas learned aspects of patience from his new role

Thomas enjoys the feeling that he receives from helping students around the school

JAG: Why did you decide to be a student tech?

Aidan Thomas: [Dorothy] Swafford recommended me to do it, and I said “that sounds pretty cool. I know Macbooks well enough and Apple stuff well enough. I want to do it.”

J: What is your favorite part about being a student tech?

AT: My favorite part about getting to help all of the people who need help is getting that warm fuzzy feeling in my belly.

J: What is one thing you want students, teachers and/or parents to know about the MacBooks?

AT: Don’t take the case off. Also, sometimes you really got to turn it off and turn it back on again. 

J: What’s one lesson or thing you have learned by being a student tech?

AT: One lesson I have learned is that patience is a very big key. Patience is a virtue.

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