Playing games brings people closer together

With the second round of Assassins approaching, it is important to look at the overall effect this game has on the student body


Jakob Twigg, JagWire sports editor

The humid, hot Sunday afternoon I spent waiting for my target for the game Assassins at Lake Quivira drained me. During this 90-minute period of impatience, I mentally went over my plan to splash water on my target. Finally, after growing increasingly anxious, I saw her walk out of the Lake Quivira clubhouse. All the aches of the day disappeared as I crouched down, ready to spring like a cat for my prey. While clutching my 98 cent Walmart squirt bottle, I dashed up behind her and squirted her in the back of the head. I had knocked out my target for round one out.

Games bring people together. That is what Assassins is to me, and what I hope it is for the rest of the senior class. Over the past few weeks, most students I spoke to brought up the game Assassins during conversation, providing relief from bland discussions of college and schoolwork. Assassins brings us together, despite the not so pleasant namesake.

Over this first round of the Assassins, walking with the slight paranoia always at the back of my head was exuberant. Knowing that some random person could drench you with water at almost anytime is exhilarating to think about. I almost did get drenched a couple of times because of the game. Assassins forces us to get out in to the world and interact with someone whom we may never meet otherwise. Hearing stories of people who hid in bushes or under cars to get their targets often makes my day. With this knowledge, it was feasible to approach any senior participating in the game and ask about their status in the game, knowing everyone’s answer would be unique in its own right.

With this knowledge in mind, I am looking toward the next rounds with sharp anticipation, high expectation, and most of all for the enjoyment of watching my fellow classmates interact and have fun. So, for those who students who might play in the future, remember that Assassins is a game. And games, if played right, will bring us together.

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