New class allows selected students to help students and staff with new technology

Tech internship gives students the opportunity to follow their passion and help others with new technology


By Andrew Tow

Working together in the library, seniors Aidan Thomas and Daniella Phale and sophomore Cameron Long check to see if any teachers need their assistance.

Quinn Franken and Claire Franke

In addition to the new MacBook Airs, a student tech team was formed to counter problems that may occur. Instead of having to rely on K12 for technical difficulties, a group of students are always available to aid students and teachers that are experiencing problems.

The Student Tech “classroom” is in the Media Center. There are only one or two students in each class supervised by Debra Steiner.

Applications for the class were open to any student, even those without prior technology knowledge. Students were accepted into the class after being interviewed about their understanding of MacBooks and technology.

Senior Daniella Phale had the opportunity to further her technological education with an experience most students don’t have.

“I have just always had Apple products… and having an internship with Apple helped [me get good with technology] a lot,” Phale said.

Sophomore Madison Vosburg planned on applying for the class as soon as she found out about it.

[The student techs] are always available, which is really nice. They are very polite. They just jump right in.

— Spanish teacher Jennifer Dillon

“I’ve always been interested in technology and once I heard we were getting MacBooks I was excited, so I thought this would be a great opportunity,” Vosburg said.

Spanish teacher Jennifer Dillon feels the student techs have helped foster a community of learning, even for the teachers.

“I think teachers … can learn something from students. We can learn from each other, and it just creates more of a community feeling and everybody benefits.” Dillon said.

According to Vosburg, most days the Student Techs’ spend their class time going through tickets.

“Any problem with MacBooks we encounter, we have to put [tickets] into our system, just so our district knows what has been going on and what problems we’ve been having,” Vosburg said. “The Student Techs have our own thing where we get tickets sent to us, and if we can fix them we go and resolve the tickets. If not, we send it up to our higher tech guys.”

In the future this class could consist of more than fixing the MacBooks.

“We’ve talked about doing projects, like making business cards or proposing ideas to help other schools, like the middle school who also got new technology,” Vosburg said.

For Dillion, the student techs have been important for getting familiar with the new technology.

“I have had luck with the student techs coming right up,” Dillion said, “They are always available, which is really nice. They are very polite. They just jump right in. They either fix it or explain why they need to put in a ticket. They check back which is good.”

Dillon thinks this class is a great opportunity for students to follow their passion.

“I think it allows them to do something they enjoy, develop their problem solving skills and communication skills,” Dillon said.

For Phale, being a student tech has been a great opportunity to get involved in the school.

“For my senior year I wanted to get more involved with the school there wasn’t a lot of things I could reach out to, but this is up my alley,” Phale said.

Vosburg benefits from the social aspect of the class.

“[The most beneficial part of the class is] getting myself out of my comfort zone. I think it is good for me to interact with students and teachers on a daily basis,” Vosburg said.

For Phale, the positive effect she has on other students and teachers is one of her favorite parts.

“The joy of seeing people going from frustration to continuously thanking me and just fixing things seeing people smile after I fix it is what gives me happiness,” Phale said.

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