Advocating for oneself is a useful skill developed in high school

Fighting for grades is important because of the critical role they play in life


Marah Shulda, Mill Valley News editor-in-chief

No matter what your opinion is on completing school school work, grades do matter. Whether you believe this to be a good or bad thing, they may ultimately help you decide where to go to college, what degree you should pursue and what job opportunities arise. So don’t be afraid to talk to your teachers about grades you think you deserve and advocate for yourself. Your grades are always worth fighting for.

Contrary to some beliefs, teachers are very nice people and are willing to help you. I had to fight for my grade in one of my classes this year after receiving a grade on a project that I thought I didn’t deserve. It dropped my semester grade by a letter right before the final. I went to talk to the teacher about what I did wrong and it turned out that it was just one small mistake. I was able to redo it for full credit, bringing my semester grade up higher than it was before.

There is also the heart dropping feeling at the end of the semester when you have an 89.54 percent and are so close, yet so far, from getting that A. Most teachers sympathize if you simply go in to ask them if there is anything you can do to raise your percentage by a small fraction. Whether that is accomplished through extra credit or redoing a small assignment, many teachers will help you fix it.

Questioning your grades doesn’t only have to apply to the grand scheme and it is helpful in all aspects of a class. As far as assignments go, those few points that may seem insignificant at the time can often be a deciding factor in the final grade. If you consistently get the same adequate grade and then bomb the final your semester grade won’t showcase your consistency but rather your ill-preparedness for the exam. If you are advocating for your grade throughout the semester then the final grade should reflect that.

Advocating for yourself is a trait that many people struggle to achieve and this simple task in high school will continue to benefit you throughout life. By being able to promote and argue for yourself, one is able to lead a successful life.

These skills don’t end after high school and will be especially important in college. Fighting for grades and self promotion are ways to set oneself up for a life of success. This simple skill is applicable to many aspects and is a way to boost self confidence. Use your resources. Teachers are there to help and fighting for your grades will ultimately help in the long run.

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