Underclassmen begin course selection process

Josh Duden, news editor

Sophomores and juniors began course selection on Tuesday, Feb. 14. The selection process this year includes the additions of over 14 new classes and new names for previous classes, such as Broadcast Journalism is now called Digital Media Design & Production: Broadcast.

In addition to the new classes that are being added to the course options students may select, there is expected to be even less leeway in the schedule changing policy due to an increase in the incoming class size.

“Make sure you choose courses you are committed to,” counselor Trish Chandler said. “We are graduating 221 students and taking in 354, so all courses will likely be full. If you are not committed to the class, then don’t choose it.”

The only allowances to be excused from a course is if a required class is necessary for graduation, if a student has already received credit for the class, if a student doesn’t have the prerequisites for the class that he/she is enrolled in, or if the student has an incomplete schedule, according to the schedule change policy. Sophomore Rebecca Laubsch said she experienced the policy enforcement earlier this year.

“I think they’re really picky about schedule changes,” Laubsch said. “I understand that they’re going to have a lot of kids coming in next year and some are going to want to change just to be with their friends, but right now I’m in a class I really hate and would have liked to change out of it. But, because of the new rules, I wasn’t allowed to.”

However, she said she is looking forward to the new class options.

“I am so excited for Advanced Drama,” Laubsch said. “I took drama my freshmen year and really miss it and I’d like to improve my acting skills.”

As well as new class availability, the school now offers more AP classes than ever before, including AP Calculus and Physics. With the new classes however, come new obstacles, such as deadlines for the spring assignments, according to counselor Erin Hayes.

“Students not meeting the set deadlines and not filling out their forms correctly are our biggest obstacles during course selection,” Hayes said. “But, we try to communicate as much as possible and send out reminders to encourage students to turn in all their papers prior to the deadline and use everything we have to fix these problems.”

The AP classes’ spring assignment deadline is Wednesday, March 21. Hayes said that if any student has any questions in regards to course selection, the counselors are always available.

“If a student has any questions about course selection, come see your counselor,” Hayes said. “We are always glad to help.”

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