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Senior girls basketball player juggles multiple sports
Senior post Olivia Frey starting playing basketball when she was four years old, and now she is one of two seniors on the 9 person varsity team.

"I love playing, I like the sport and the team as a whole," Frey said.

Frey has gained a lot of experience from being on the team.

"I’ve learned how to work with a team and how to manage my time a lot more between games and practices," Frey said.

Participating in tennis, softball, basketball and having a job requires Frey to use her free time wisely.

"It’s not too hard to balance it all. I work on weekends and do my homework after practice or games," Frey said. "But not having a lot of free time is hard because I usually use it to do homework."

Frey enjoys not having to participate in a organized sport during the summer.

"Having summers off gives me more free time and I love that," Frey said. "But the basketball conditioning camp in June is fun."

While Frey is balancing her schedule, she is focused on a game and has a few tricks to help her play better.

"I always have to wear two socks at one time on each foot. I do it every game," Frey said. "The team also has to wear the same color pre-wrap."

Frey doesn’t plan on continuing playing after high school.

"I don’t really plan on playing in college," Frey said. "I quit club teams my sophomore year and now just focus on the school team."

The first game of the season is Thursday, Dec. 1 at Blue Valley Northwest High School.

"I’m excited for Thursday’s game because it’s the start of a season," Frey said. "I hope we can bring out a win."


Lisa Joerling

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