Sophomore goes through leg-lengthening surgeries

Sophomore Sivani Gadiraju has had many procedures to lengthen her legs to reach her desired height after being diagnosed with achondroplasia


By Photo by Madeline Lamons

Sophomore Sivani Gadiraju has undergone three leg-lengthening procedures due to her achondroplasia.

Ever since she was a young girl, sophomore Sivani  Gadiraju  has dealt with achondroplasia, a condition that causes dwarfism. Over the past years she has gone through many surgeries to lengthen not just her legs but arms as well, to reach the height of her desire.

“ The surgery I just had was a limb lengthener,” Gadiraju said. “I have had three leg surgeries all together.”

Gadiraju said that the first procedure hurt but they became more bearable as time went on.

“ The surgeries were painful at first, but they got easier and easier every time,” Gadiraju said.

As well as being a strain on her body, her academic life has also been affected by the procedures.

“The surgeries have really pushed back on school,” Gadiraju said. “It’s really hard to concentrate on my health and school.”

Gadiraju is currently recovering from her final surgery and is at her desired height. She feels that with this new image change it will give her more confidence.

“ It feels good that I have reached the average height for my age,” Gadiraju. “I will be able to fight the bullies that have teased me all my life.”

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