QuikTrip Slushie Review

The unusual QuikTrip slushies that are worth trying


By Grace Brookshire

The six slushy’s from Quik Trip that were taste tested and ranked.

Almost everyone has been to QuikTrip to pick up their favorite slushy on a warm summer day. But very few people have stepped outside of their usual flavor of slushy. Here is an honest review of six unusual slushie flavors at QuikTrip.

Orange Cream: Orange Cream was by far the best of these slushies. It tastes just like it’s named: orange and cream. The orange tasted like a genuine orange flavor, and not the artificial orange you would expect to be in a slushy. It also had a great slushy consistency and stayed frozen for a long time. 

Blue Vanilla Energy: This slushy has a great mix of blue raspberry and vanilla. It was a little sweet with a hint of sourness. Overall, I liked it and it tasted good, but I would not recommend this as an actual energy drink. 

By Chloe Miller

Rooster Booster: The Rooster Booster is another one of QuikTrip’s energy drink slushies, and again, I would not recommend it for that purpose. It does, however, have a great slushy consistency and a great taste. It is not super flavorful, but the subtle sour cherry flavor is pleasant. 

Cherry Limeade: This slushy tastes less like a cherry limeade and more like straight lime, resulting in the slushy being pretty sour. Nevertheless, I did not mind the flavor, there was just nothing exceptional about it. The slushy consistency was also mediocre at best.

Strawberry Banana: Despite my love for strawberry banana smoothies, this slushy did not sit right with me. It is weird how the classic sugary slushy taste was mixed with the sweet-tart taste of strawberry banana. I feel like the bottom line is that strawberry-banana should not be turned into a slushy. However, the consistency was easily the best. 

Banana Cream: Similar to strawberry banana, I feel like Banana Cream should not be a slushy flavor. Despite the genuine banana taste this slushy had, it was extremely unappealing. A large part of this could be the fact that this slushy was very melted and was a bright yellow color.

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