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The science of sound

The science of sound

Libby Mullican, JAG editor-in-chief
December 21, 2018
On Wednesday, Nov. 21, sophomore Gabi Hantla prepares a thanksgiving meal for herself that is completely vegan. Hantla says about being vegan “I think it’s just not only for the animals but also the environment. Veganism kind of helps all around everything and there’s really no real, good, valid reason to hurt animals and I feel like that’s a very important issue.”

Sophomore Gabi Hantla uses social media to help others

Maddie Schaffer, JAG reporter/photographer
December 21, 2018

Students communicate nonverbally through sign language

Jenna McDonald, JAG organizations editor
December 21, 2018


Mill Valley News staff
December 20, 2018
At the beginning of the day, physics teacher Chad Brown reads the daily announcements for the day. “Sometimes I will go and look up quotes or jokes if I feel like including that but most of the time I read announcements that I need to include,” Brown said. “I incorporate jokes because it’s easier to hear a friendly voice in the morning to get your day started.”

Daily announcements keep students up to date

Ciara Pemberton, JAG photo editor and student life editor
December 4, 2018
At the National Art Honor Society meeting on Nov. 8, freshman Mallory Lewis sprays water on her project.

Students express themselves through art

Samantha Volkamer, JAG copy editor and organizations editor
December 3, 2018
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