Mill Valley News

Interactive snow removal maps should be utilized in Shawnee

Sarah Darby, news editor

February 24, 2011

Winter is finally ending in Shawnee after accumulation of near-record breaking amounts of snow and such severe storms as “The Blizzard of Oz,” on Wednesday Feb. 1. This year, in particular, technology played an increased...

Staffing cuts to Youth Friends hurts remarkable program

Sarah Darby, news editor

December 10, 2010

For the last two years, I have had the great pleasure of volunteering for the Youth Friends program. The program was first introduced to me by a teacher as a community service opportunity that I would enjoy. That first year,...

Local blog emphasizes the importance of community happenings

Sarah Darby, news editor

November 11, 2010

As news reporter for the JagWire staff, I am constantly seeking out the big story. I seek out the news and often try to tackle issues that are bigger than myself. I was recently introduced to a local blog written by Shawnee...