Activity director announced

Regan Jones, reporter

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The school board approved the recommendation of Roland Van Wyhe as the new district activities and athletic director in late July. Van Wyhe filled the position once held by Steve Deghand, who now is the facilities department director for the district.

Van Wyhe’s job consists of scheduling the varsity, JV and freshman athletic events. Van Wyhe also evaluates the coaches; he tries to supervise all athletic events and purchases equipment for all the athletic teams.

Van Wyhe enjoys the position.

“The best part about being the activities director is to watch all the sporting events,” Van Wyhe said. “Also, working with the coaches for the common goal, that common goal would be student success.”

Van Wyhe wanted to become the activities and athletic director in order to motivate students to take part in out of school activities.

“I want to see students of the high school be involved with extracurricular activities. I want to give all students the opportunity to take part in their school,” Van Wyhe said. “There is so much to learn through sports and activities.”

Van Wyhe’s goal for the district’s activities is to provide activities that students can learn sportsmanship and gain success from. Van Wyhe wants students to try out for as many sports and clubs as possible.

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